Terms and conditions

General Conditions

Hourly loading/unloading deductible: For loading/unloading operations and any customs operations, 2 hours of deductible are included.

Hourly loading/unloading stop: For each additional hour of stoppage, the following amounts will be applied (maximum 10 hours per day):

  • €50,- for normal tarpaulin trucks (€500 / day);
  • €75,- for lowered trucks without excess weight (€750 / day);
  • €120,- for lowered trucks with excess weight (€1,200 / day);
  • amount to be agreed upon for larger vehicles.

Working days: From Monday to Friday. For services carried out on Saturday, Sunday, or during holidays, we reserve the right to request an additional fee beyond the agreed tariff.

Urgencies/Scheduling: During summer weeks nr. 30-31-32-33-34 and Christmas weeks nr. 49-50-51-52-01, we reserve the right to verify the availability of vehicles and to request rental supplements.

Insurance: Carrier Liability and Compensation Limit: according to art. 1696 C.c. for national transport and CMR Convention for international transport. In case of internal transports within the same country, other than Italy, they will be subject to the laws in force in that country. We cannot assume any responsibility for any scratches or scrapes on the goods (possibly caused by tree branches or rocks on the road surface).

All Risk Insurance: All-risk coverage is not included in the rental.

Late payment: For late payment, you will be charged interest calculated at the BCE discount rate plus 8 percentage points for each day of delay, in addition to credit recovery costs, Legislative Decree 231/2002. Failure or delayed payment of even a single invoice results in forfeiture of the benefit of the term, with the consequent obligation to pay all invoiced amounts even if not yet due.

Right of retention: To cover all credits, we may exercise the right of retention on what is in our possession, both goods and marks.

Execution: The execution of the transport and compliance with the scheduled loading and/or unloading dates are subject to obtaining permits from the competent authorities and the good accessibility of loading and unloading locations with suitable transport means. In case of environmental contamination or trailer pollution caused by the transported goods, the customer/contractor shall be responsible for all resulting expenses.

Authorizations: In order to obtain the necessary transit authorizations, an original declaration of dimensions and weights and a technical drawing of the goods indicating weight distribution and center of gravity must be sent.

Equipment: Tarpaulins for cargo covering are not included in the offer, so in case of need, we await your specific request; the minimum cost for covering with tarpaulins is quantified at Euro 150.- It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the nature of the goods does not damage the tarpaulins, that the goods are not damaged due to the tarpaulins, and that covering with tarpaulins is suitable to ensure protection of the goods from the weather.

Applicable Discipline: For all matters not expressly provided for herein, this relationship is governed by applicable legal provisions, in particular those of articles 1678 and following of the Civil Code, Law No. 32 of March 1, 2005, and Legislative Decree No. 286 of November 21, 2005, for national transport, and by the provisions of the CMR Convention of Geneva pursuant to Law No. 1621 of December 6, 1961, and subsequent amendments and integrations.

Price: Prices are exclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to request an integration of the agreed tariff in case of additional costs.

Cancellation: Expenses for any order cancellations are handled as follows.

Invoicing: Invoices will be sent via email. Delivery certificates are managed in the central archive at the Verona headquarters of La Scrivente in compliance with administrative obligations and, upon request, will be made available in digital form.

Disputes: The competent court exclusively for any disputes is Verona, with the consequent exclusion of any other alternative forum. By assigning the transport mandate, the conditions above are deemed fully accepted.Pagina da creare