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Giuriato & Fortuna Group can offer logistics services related to any exceptional-sized and heavy-weighted artifact, with road, rail, and sea solutions.


Exceptional and routine loads

Our structure specializes in the logistics of products of exceptional dimensions and weights. For over 30 years it has been operating in sectors such as energy, petrochemical, plant engineering, construction, manufacturing, nautical, silos and tanks and more generally in national and international shipping.

International Shipping

International Shipping

We are able to offer the most convenient solution to reach even the most distant destinations, and taking into account the needs of our customers, we can offer land, rail, sea and air transport.

Air transport

Air transport

G&F Group offers accurate and flexible global Air Freight Services, customized according to your needs through the main international air carriers.

At the disposal of our clients

A substantial fleet, in addition to the technical capacity to transport all artifacts to the highest levels of exceptionality.
A fast quoting service, for which we can provide quick and reliable quotes.
Feasibility studies, a service in which our technicians collaborate with clients in the project phase, ensuring that their products can be transported in the most economical and reliable way possible.
Urgency service, which guarantees the obtention of authorizations in tight timelines.
An experienced and professionally trained staff, capable of finding the most suitable solutions for the transport of exceptional-sized artifacts, even in prohibitive conditions.
The operational structure, able to constantly monitor the progress of shipments, informing and coordinating loading/unloading points.
National and international partners who can control, integrate, and expedite procedures and any transport-related issues.

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Trasporti eccezionali e normali

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Giuriato & Fortuna Group can offer logistics services related to any oversized item, with road, rail, and sea solutions.